.High technology research and development team

          .Has excellent roots blower capacity for independent design research and development

          .Can design production according to customer requirements personalized products

          .To provide system services and complete solutions to problems






          .Product quality to reach the domestic advanced level

          .Product factory qualified rate 100%, customer feedback issue rate at 100%

          .Efficient energy conservation and environmental protection, low noise, have a high quality product quality

          .Strictly carry out the roots blower general use industry standard

          .Passed the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification



          .The agency has a perfect sales network

          .Have professional after-sales service team

          .Reaction is rapid, the first time for customers to solve the problem

          .All take the customer as the center, the pursuit of customer value maximization




          ABOUT US


              Shandong zhangqiu yi tai machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is manufacturer specializing in the production of three leaves roots blower, enterprise strong technical force, has a group of high-quality production and technical personnel, with a strong development, design, technology development, production and quality control ability, and established a perfect after-sales service management system. Its main products are roots blower, roots blower, and three leaves roots blowers three-blade roots blower, high pressure blower, ZLSR, three leaves roots blowers ZLSR fan is my company to design, development, production of a highly efficient, energy saving, environmental protection and new products. This wind turbine parts adopt numerical control machining center for processing, and has advanced detection equipment and high-quality personnel, to ensure that each factory equipment and have high quality, high service life. The company to provide you with perfect pre-sales consulting and after-sale tracking service, for every customer to remove trouble back at home, the new and old customers get the praise. My company is located in the east of jinan MingShui, jinan-qingdao road north, 18 kilometers away from jiqing expressway, jiaoji railway traverses MingShui city, traffic is very convenient. Welcome all customers to visit my company guidance, business negotiations. Please call our sales hotline: 13705411652 co., LTD.


          NEW CENTER

          CONTACT US


          Shandong zhangqiu yi tai machinery manufacturing co., LTD

              Contact: xin-sheng cheng

            Telephone: 13705411652

            The true:  0531-83209474

            WeChat ID: 13705411652

            Q       Q: 2458379166

            Mail box:  6411111111

            Web site:

            Company address: Shandong zhangqiu MingShui hou home park street


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